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health management proposal for all residents

dear residents in foshan:

to further investigate and control covid-19 transmission and contribute to normalized prevention and control of the epidemic in foshan, foshan center for disease control and prevention hereby proposes the following:

1. if you have lived in or traveled to zhuhai, zhongshan and shenzhen, taken the guangzhou-zhuhai intercity railway, or returned from other provinces in the past 14 days, please report to the village (community) where you live as soon as possible and take nucleic acid test for covid-19 within 24 hours. before getting the test result, please stay at home without leaving and pay close attention to your ��yuekang code��. if the code changes to yellow or red, or you receive a phone call for epidemic prevention and control, please be cooperative and implement relevant health management measures immediately.

2. please do not go to zhuhai, zhongshan, shenzhen and other places with reported local case(s) unless it is necessary. if any of your family members work in such areas, please report to the village (community) where you live immediately.

3. please generate your qr code for nucleic acid test in wechat mini program ��yuehesuan�� (������) in advance to facilitate future large-scale nucleic acid tests.

          let��s continue to stay alert to the epidemic, take strict measures to prevent its transmission, and join hands to secure a victory against it! 

foshan center for disease control and prevention

january 15, 2022

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