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as an integrated device manufacturer(idm), cxmt specializes in dram design, manufacturing, sales and r&d. the company was established in 2016 and has fabs in beijing and hefei in production as well as multiple branch offices at home and abroad. cxmt has built diverse and international r&d and marketing teams and launched several dram products applied to popular consumer products, including mobile devices, computers, servers, virtual reality, and the internet of things. cxmt will continue to meet a constantly growing market demand for dram with trustworthy products and service. we are committed to improving human lives through pioneering memory technology.





cxmt history
2016 cxmt founded as a commercial startup.
2017.03 construction started on fab a (hefei) . 2018.01 construction completed on fab a1.
2018.07 8gb ddr4 was taped out for manufacturing. 2019.05 ddr4 product tested successfully.
2019.09 cxmt announced 8gb ddr4 for mass production at world manufacturing convention. 2019.11 cxmt received first order and launched product sales.
2020.06 cxmt fab c project kicked off. 2021.12 fac c2 construction started.
2022.01 operation began on fab c1 (beijing) trial production line 2022.06 fab a2 (hefei) construction completed

corporate culture
a memory technology leader with commercial success
empower the information society and improve human lives with memory technology
accountability, collaboration, start-up spirit, innovation
leadership team

our leadership team consists of industry veterans with decades of experience in the semiconductor industry. they cultivate an innovation culture, encourage innovation and maintain management and production teams to support cxmt’s continued growth and development. our leadership team is committed to achieving business success by providing high-value products and best-in-class services to our customers.

yiming zhu

meet our chairman

message from chairman

mr. yiming zhu was appointed chairman & chief executive officer of cxmt in july 2018. mr. zhu is a serial entrepreneur. before joining cxmt, mr. zhu was engaged in memory design in silicone valley. in 2005, he returned to china and founded gigadevice semiconductor inc. mr. zhu has participated in significant r&d projects in china and has filed more than 120 international and domestic patents. he also has won numerous honors and awards, including "innovator of the year" by global sources and the "ic design leader of the year in china" by the china semiconductor industry association ic design branch, both in 2013. global semiconductor alliance announced the appointment of mr. zhu to its board of directors in 2019. mr. zhu received his bachelor's and master's degrees at tsinghua university and another master's degree at the state university of new york at stony brook.
the information society is supported by data and computing power. the development of communications, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and blockchain — and the convergence of new technologies — have created a growing demand for memory chips. the market needs more production capacity. cxmt has always considered responding to market expectations and meeting customer needs as its priorities. in 2019, cxmt began to produce 8gb ddr4, a mainstream product in the global industry. this marked a milestone in its development. cxmt has expanded its core semiconductor technologies and high value intellectual property (ip) assets. the company has consistently built on its technology and ip system through independent r&d efforts and cooperation with global partners. cxmt has developed its own technology system thanks to its purchase of qimonda’s technologies, cxmt enterprise, patent acquisitions, licensing agreements and ongoing internal r&d efforts. cxmt is actively stepping into the global semiconductor ecosystem. it is a member of the global semiconductor alliance board of directors. cxmt is leveraging the vast chinese semiconductor ecosystem to deliver valuable and trustworthy products and services to meet the diverse needs of global customers. cxmt will continue to strive to be a technology leader and a commercial success.

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